Pristine Detailing, LLC, is a family owned and operated business providing professional detailing services. Our goal is to raise the standard for quality detailing services and client satisfaction here in Southern Oregon and Northern California. We continuously search for the latest technology in automotive detailing so that we may provide our clients with the best possible products and services while being kind to our earth and environment by utilizing ECO Friendly products.


In 2010, Mark and Travis (father and son) decided to pursue their love of cars by exploring the world of Detailing. After countless hours of talking with local detailers and visiting a mass majority of the detailing forums on the internet, it became apparent that even within the detailing community, there wasn’t any clear definition as to what a true detail should consist of. Not only did the views of what a detail should be varied considerably among the detailers, the pricing of details were just as varied.

At that point in time, we began focusing on the top detailing professionals in the industry to learn about what they consider to be a quality detail. Our findings really opened our eyes and quickly realized that in order to perform at our highest potential, we needed training! Not just any training, but the best we could find. After weeks of searching and questioning the various "Detailing Trainers" throughout the United States, we found a Trainer that is known to be one of the absolute best, not only here in the United States, but beyond our borders as well. He is known for his extreme attention to detail and has detailed some of the most prestigious American Icons.

Our training with him was very intense and physically demanding to say the least. He takes detailing very seriously and made sure we not only understood the technical aspects of detailing, but made sure we also developed the skills needed to perform at peak performance. We spent approximately 2 hours per day discussing technologies, product usage, procedures and so on. The remaining 6 to 8 hours per day was perfecting our hands-on skills to maximize our detailing results. During this intense training, we covered everything from basic washing techniques, paint decontamination, full paint corrections, paint protection technologies, and the proper methods for utilizing European Steam Process to properly detail the vast number of interior surfaces used in classic vehicles as well as todays.

Since our initial training, we’ve attended many other training sessions as well as a number of Master Level Certifications from Top Manufactures of High End automotive products such as Sealants and the Latest Technology of Ceramic Coatings.

It’s our specialized training and certifications that has earned us an honored position on the Air Force One Detailing Team and Detailers for the Museum of Flight in Washington.